[DEAD][Refurbished] Acer E5-552G 15.6″ gaming laptop with A10-7300 CPU, Radeon M265 GPU, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD for $330!

Acer E5-551G

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Acer E5-551G. Available from


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More Acer E5-551G variants

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Acer E5-551G main specifications
CPU A10-7300 (1.9-3.3GHZ), Kaveri, Quad
GPU Radeon M265
Screen 720P,eDP
Keyboard Standard
Weight 5.1 lbs (~2.31 kg)

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Acer E5-551G Reviews

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Acer E5-551GThe Acer E5-551G is now selling for $330 refurbished

Comes with Radeon M265 GPU and the AMD A10-7300 CPU which provides good 3D performance for $330, allowing you to play many games on medium-high settings@720p or medium settings@1080p. 8GB DDR3 RAM is enough for most people and you won’t have to think about adding more probably.

The 1TB HDD might be a little slow, but you can replace it with something faster. Anyway, it should be ok.

The screen is probably of low quality, but I’m sure you can replace it easily as it is an eDP display (probably). A good 720p/1080p IPS level display will cost you around $80-$90 tops, like the B156HAN01.X (for example)

Battery performance is good according reviews at around 4.5 hours for Wifi browsing and I guess with an SSD you could squeeze more.

For $330 it’s a very good deal as the competitors with Intel CPU and a GT 840M will cost at at least around $500-$550 with 8GB RAM and will provide you performance advantage not high enough (25-30% tops, and it’s not the rule) and not in all games. BF4, for example, will run about the same on 720p and high settings.

So, if you want to save money and get a cheap gaming laptop, that’s an excellent option. In the worst case, you could resell it later.

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