Acer E5-573G 15.6″ gaming laptop with I5-5200U CPU, Nvidia GT 940M, 8GB RAM, 1TB SSHD for $470!

Acer E5-553G GT 940M

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Acer e5-573g. Available from


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More Acer e5-573g variants

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Acer e5-573g main specifications
CPU I5-5200U Broadwell, 4 logic cores
Screen 768P, eDP, wide viewing angles (lousy TN)
Keyboard Standard
Weight 5.29 lbs (~2.4 kg)

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Acer e5-573g Reviews

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Acer E5-553G GT 940MThe Acer e5-573g is now selling for $470 new Comes with Nvidia GT 940M 2GB GPU and the I5-5200U Broadwell CPU (2.2-2.7GHZ) which provides good 3D performance for $460. The I5 and GT 940M is an adequate combination for 768p gaming on low-medium settings very smoothly in most heavy games, and even high settings in some lighter games (Team fortress, LoL, Dota2 and more). The 1TB SSHD is an excellent solution in my opinion, as it delivers good performance for some common cases (waking up the machine, booting up, loading the same software again and again), and it’s a rather quiet 5400rpm hdd.

The screen is stated as a “wide” viewing angles and it might mean that it’s some kind of an IPS display (there are 768p 15.6″ IPS panels). It is not an IPS but a lousy TN panel. However, it is replaceable. Battery performance is around 5-6 hours for light use and around 4-5 hours for common use. For $460-$500 that’s probably the fastest new laptop and it has some extra features to back it up too. If you are good with refurbished or used laptops, there are other options, but for a new laptop, you’ll get good enough 3D performance, good battery performance, 1TB SSHD.

Keyboard, however, is not that good.

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