Acer E5-575G-57A4 (15.6″), I5-7200U, GTX 950M 2GB GDDR5, 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD for $545


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Acer E5-575G-57A4. Available from


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Acer E5-575G-57A4 main specifications
CPU I5-7200U Kaby Lake, 2C/4T, 2.5-3.1GHZ
GPU Nvidia GTX 950 2GB GDDR5
RAM 1x8GB 2133MHZ DDR4 (2 slots available)
HDD 256GB SSD + 1TB 5400RPM
Screen 1080p, eDP, non-IPS probably
Keyboard Backlit
Weight 5.27 lbs (~ 2.4 kg)

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Acer E5-575G-57A4 Reviews

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The E5-575G is Acer’s low midrange gaming laptop. The previous generation with a GT 940MX and an I5-6200U (review here) left good overall impressions on me, mostly because the good performance/price ratio and overall quiet operation. The new E5-575G model upgrades the GT 940MX to a GTX 950M GDDR5 which should be considerably faster and actually, pretty close to the GTX 960M, since it’s the same chip with the same VRAM, but a bit lower clocks. Moreover, this model comes with a 250GB SSD alongside the 1TB HDD, which is a very good storage solution.

The new Kaby Lake I5-7200U comes with a new iGPU and built-in hardware 4K playback support.

However, the previous generation model review also showed that the E5-575G laptop, with its one fan and small cooling system, gets a bit warm under high system load, especially the CPU and GPU. I’m not sure this model is exactly the same, but if it is, the hotter GPU’s performance may be limited under serious gaming load. According to the NBC review (this one), the GPU is indeed get throttled under Furmark + Prime95 stress test and that’s true to GTX 950M too.

Last thing, as far as connection ports go, I’m not sure what is actually implemented. Yes, there is an HDMI port, but is it an HDMI 2.0? because otherwise, 4K displays@60FPS are out of question.


Generally, this model packs a good combination of performance and features for the price and that’s why I posted it, but for those who can wait, I’d recommend waiting for some review to clear things up. Also, I would wait for the new models with new AMD Polaris / NVidia Pascal to show up.


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