[EXPIRED] Acer V7-571G (15.6″): I5-5200U, GTX 950M 4GB DDR3, 1080p IPS, SSD + HDD for $550


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Acer VN7-571G. Available from


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Acer VN7-571G main specifications
CPU I5-5200U Broadwell, 2C/4T, 2.2-2.7GHZ
GPU Nvidia GTX 950M 4GB DDR3
Screen 1080p, eDP, IPS, non-touch
Keyboard Backlit
Weight 5.29 lbs (~ 2.4 kg)

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Acer VN7-571G Reviews
  • Acer VN7-571G review

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Excellent deal for $550!

The Acer VN7-571G is a previous generation midrange gaming laptop from Acer. It encapsulates an I5-U CPU, GTX 950M DDR3, 1080p IPS display, 8GB RAM and an SSD + HDD storage solution.

Gaming performance-wise, a GTX 950M DDR3 + I5-U is a good combination that will run many demanding games on medium to high graphics settings. It has easily the highest performance/price ratio for a new laptop under $600, alongside the Y700 AMD version. I’d say that it’s a safe bet, especially including already installed SSD.

Chassis won’t get too hot and the laptop is relatively quiet.

What you won’t get: good speakers, good keyboard, DisplayPort/Thunderbolt 3. USB 3.0 are too tightly packed.

Overall, I tend to like the Lenovo Y700 AMD version more due to better build quality, better sound and keyboard and overall, a more powerful GPU. But, the fact that the AMD software ecosystem is not ready yet (or more precise, not being paid attention by AMD and its partners) and I think that gaming experience would be probably more consistant with this machine than with the Y700, at least for now. DX12/Vulkan and better software support would probably change that, if you ask me, but for now, the VN7-571G may be a little preferred option by many.

Bottom line, for $570, it’s a steal and an excellent option for those who look for a nice gaming performance without making their pockets go boom boom.

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