AMD Carrizo in 2015 with low power Carrizo-L chips in December

AMD Carrizo

AMD new mobile chips are coming soon which will be called Carrizo. The low power Carrizo-L chips, aimed to replace the low power Mullins and Beema¬†CPUs based on the Puma cores. The Carrizo chips will be based on the new Excavator chips. AMD’s slide talks about 30% performance bump for the 15W power consumption point with 4 XV (Excavator) cores. The chips will also sport the 3rd GCN GPU architecture generation, which is probably GCN 1.2 (though some sites called it GCN 3, which is not correct unless I missed renaming from AMD). These cores will be 20nm cores.

The non-low power Carrizo chips will power mainstream laptops, competing with the equivalent Intel I3/I5/I7 chips. It’s important to note that even with a 30% increase in performance, the 15W A8-6410 CPU won’t deliver good results as the I5-4200U in tests like the Cinebench R15 for single core (A8-6410 and Intel I5-4200U), but as with previous CPUs, with the right GPU for the right price the offerings might be attractive. Moreover, remember that these chips come with 4 real cores, which is can be advantage over Intel’s 2 cores / 4 threads Intel offerings and also.

AMD Carrizo



The Full HSA implementation is an advantage over Intel current offerings and probably even over Broadwell also, but for benefits of HSA to show, application also has to make a good use of it.

Bottom line, these chips are a stride in the right direction, but they also only a bridge until the next architecture.

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