AMD Next generation Zen Architecture will *might* come at 2H 2016 and maybe at 14nm FinFet+


ZenSome reports (1, 2) talk about new AMD architecture coming at 2016 and more specifically at 2H of 2016. Also, reports say that Samsung might be the manufacturer of AMD next generation Zen CPUs, or at least some of them (above and 12) and they talk about 14nm too. This is not really confirmed, it seems.

At least I can’t get much out of these reports / rumors, and moreover, it’s not really a surprise that AMD working hard on this new architecture that will be a game changer. However, the news is the date and the 14/16nm manufacturer process.

Until Zen, some new 20nm chips towards the end of this year and the dawn of the next year (which is 2015!). More info about these soon here is a shorty.

What about Intel in the meanwhile? Well, the mini-Haswell-with-amped-GPU Broadwell architecture should come soon and not long after that, the new and expected Intel Skylake acrhitecture should come at the second half of 2015 (here and here). That’s a bit confusing for the buyers probably. Maybe we’ll see Intel release dates changed, but for now we have nothing to do but sit and wait for Broadwell and more info about Skylake.

And yes, this is a Zen circle stuff that might be representing AMD closing circle with Intel, finally catching them?

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