Asus N551JK 15.6″ gaming laptop, I7-4710HQ, GTX 850M DDR3, 16GB DDR3, 1080p excellent display, 750GB 7200RPM HDD for $900

Asus n551jk

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Asus N551JK. Available from


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Asus N551JK main specifications
CPU I7-4710HQ
HDD 750GB 7200RPM
Screen Excellent 1080p IPS display (Samsung SDC324C)
Keyboard Backlit (white)
Weight ~6 lbs (~2.7 kg)

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Asus n551jkThe Asus N551JK is selling for $900 on Microcenter now. For gamers, it’s not the fastest gaming machine for the price, but it does have some good advantages. The Samsung IPS screen is a very good one according to reviews – way better than anything else currently offered for this price on a gaming machine. The keyboard is good and some will say it’s very good. This model also comes with 16GB of RAM.

All these qualities make this model a very candidate for video/photo editors who want some 3D power or for gamers who appreciate the excellent display alongside the good enough 3D performance. Keep in mind that the GTX 850M DDR3 is a very powerful GPU and will run most games on very high settings.

The N551JK does have some disadvantages, like high heat under full load (but that’s not the usual case), it has only one storage port except the DVDRW and it might be a little bulky, but these are not deal killers in my opinion, if you feel that otherwise this is the machine for you. Also, the DVDRW can be removed and Sata port housed with an SSD, for example.

Competitors for this price, like the Y50, VN7-591G and Clevo / MSI models, do offer GTX 860M GPU for the same price (easily 35% faster on average) and the VN7-591G even has an IPS display, but the N551JK has a superior display with near 100% sRGB color coverage, a very high contrast ratio and very good brightness. The keyboard is probably better for most. So, there is a tradeoff between some qualities and you have to weigh those one against the other.

Bottom line, if top performance / price ratio is not your main goal and you’ll appreciate the good 3D performance and excellent display, then it’s an option to consider.

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Daniel Grijalva
Daniel Grijalva
5 years ago

When does the deal end?

5 years ago

don’t know, maybe it’s permanent. If you can get stuff from Canada then you have better options

5 years ago
Reply to  Junky

What are the better options in Canada right now? Thanks for the great site btw!

5 years ago

Could you post it on the forum?
Anyway, what are your uses? and budget?