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Dual booting OS X on my Gigabyte p35x  

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Hello everyone,

I recently purchased a Gigabyte P35x v6 and I love it. It's of course great for games, it's thin and light, and the battery life isn't too bad. However, going to college for audio engineering and planning to get into professional audio makes using Windows rather inconvenient. Not being able to use important programs like Logic Pro X and not being able to easily transfer files because all of my external drives are formatted to Windows is a huge pain.

As many of you probably know, the P35 still comes with an internal optical drive (which is one of the main reasons I bought it as I still have to deal with CD's from time to time) that can be swapped out for a 2.5 inch SATA SSD. I was thinking I could buy an SSD and use it as a dedicated OS X drive leaving my Windows system completely unaffected in terms of total storage and performance.

Does anyone have any experience with adding a drive to an existing Windows system to dual boot OS X either in a laptop or desktop? Any tutorials you can direct me toward would also be greatly appreciated. My brother has a Mac so getting a copy of OS X won't be a problem


Posted : 10/12/2016 1:37 am
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babydragon, that's a good nick lol (-:

I don't get the exact situation - you want software that runs on OSX?

Well, first of all, the problem won't be installing an SSD in that 2.5" bay (should be relatively easy). The problem will be making sure OSX installs well on this system and all the drivers and such work well.

Secondly,maybe it would better to start with a VM to try out if the OSX works well?

Posted : 13/12/2016 5:51 am