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Professional looking, gaming laptop  

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– Budget (max/preferred): 800/ 700

– Screen sizes: 14, 15.6, less than 5lbs preferably.

– Games and software in mind: City Skylines, Dota 2, Call of Duty. I don't need ultra setting. 60fps at medium is doable

– Do you need a pre-installed OS?: I have spare keys, don't need it if it can save money

– Refurbished / used laptops too? acceptable

– Extra: can you install SSD/HDD yourself? Yes, easy maintenance preferred. SSD is a must, or easy to HDD with SSD.

– Extra: can you replace a display panel yourself? Nah, too much hassle.

Posted : 12/09/2017 6:11 pm
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Can you define or give some examples for "professional looking"? The more mainstream professional looking are probably laptops like the Dell XPS 15 / Precision 5520, is that the idea?

As for the performance - a GTX 1050 and better yet, the GTX 1050 Ti are a very good option for your requirement. They are probably the best you'll find for such a price. There are some laptops with a GTX 1060 3GB, but it'll be rare in this price range

Posted : 13/09/2017 4:23 am
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Thanks for replying Junky!

Laptop should be clean design, no Red accent, RGB lighting, or big ass logo. It should not scream gaming. XPS is the dream but it's out of my budget.

These are the three I'm looking at.

Acer Swift 3 (14 inch, i5 8250U, MX150)

Asus vivo book pro (15.6, i5 7300HQ, GTX 1050)

HP Pav Power 15-cb071nr (i7-77qh, gtx 1050)

Raw Power, HP is the best one, but no HDD and installing SSD might void warranty and add extra cost

Asus looks good both in power and aethetic, but the screen is garbage

Acer might work with lower game setting. Aesthetic is pretty nice. But not the most bang for buck.


Posted : 13/09/2017 8:26 pm
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Apologies for the late reply!


1. I don't think that adding storage/RAM voids the warranty

2. I wouldn't go with the HP AMD model - the RX 550 isn't that powerful + HP has bad history with AMD based laptops. Not because of AMD, but because their implementation is shaky and very limiting.

3. Do you really need an I7? or even 8 cores? because it won't help you with gaming currently, especially with a GPU like RX 550 or MX150.

4. the Asus M580VD model has a TN panel, i think. What's the point.


So, from these, I'd say the Acer is the probably the least repulsive.

How about the Dell 7567?
Or this refurbished XPS 9550 (link) - has "best offer" option and 5% off on top of that

Posted : 14/09/2017 8:52 pm