Dell G7, G5, G3 gaming laptops : What’s really the difference?

Dell G7 7588

UPDATE: The Dell G3 3579 review is now available. My experience with the G3 was that it has quite a few downsides, including the IPS, thermals, keyboard and sound. Tests showed that even with an I5-8300H and a GTX 1050 Ti hardware, the G3 struggles with the heat. The G5 and G7 should have less problems.

Dell has announced and released three new gaming laptops models – the G3  model 3579(15.6″) and 3779(17.3″), G5 model 5587 and G7 model 7588, various configurations. These are the successors of the Dell midrange gaming laptops – the Inspiron 7567 and 7577. It might be that the 7567/7577 were rebranded to the Gs, simply upgrading ports and CPU.


At this point, in the US market, the G3 and G5 are available from Dell’s store and Bestbuy. The G5 is available from Amazon. They all prices at around $1000-$1100 for the version with the GTX 1060 Max-Q at this point. The G3 has a GTX 1050/Ti for $750/$800 (Dell, before tax and shipping). Links: G3 (Dell) and G7 (Dell, Bestbuy) and G5 (Amazon).


The G5 information is a small unknown right now, but Let’s try to iterate the major and more technical similarities and dissimilarities:

  • Similar GPU options: GTX 1050/Ti 4GB and the same GTX 1060 Max-Q 6GB from before.
  • Similar CPU options: I5-8300H (4C/8T, 2.3-4.1GHZ), I7-8750HQ (6C/12T, 2.2-4.0GHZ). The G7 has an I9-8950HK option
  • Mostly similar connection ports selection: Same except the G5/G7 have non-optional Thunderbolt 3 port while the G3 has a 1xUSB 3.1 gen2 that the others don’t or TB3 with the I7 + GTX 1060 variant.
  • Weight: The G3 is the most lightweight, starting at 2.53kg (for basic configuration) and the G5 starts at 2.65kg (GTX 1050/Ti) and 2.85kg (GTX 1060 + UHD). No good info on the G7, but the official page says it start at 2.63kg and the Dell specs PDF says 2.7kg.
  • Similar RAM configurations: all have 2xDDR4 slots, dual-channel, up to 32GB total.
  • All have dual fans configurations.
  • The G3 is height is lower compared to the G5 and G7.
  • The Dell G7 1080p display marked as a 80/80/80/80 viewing angles IPS, 60HZ. I guess that’s the same for the others. No other info at this point.
  • The Dell G7 supports Intel Optane 16/32GB wit PCIex2 connection. Update: So is the G3, G5

What is so different between all of them? Well, it’s hard to know simply judging only by the official store pages and the Dell G7 specs PDF, but:

  1. It looks like the G3 is meant to be the more handsome of them all and less gamery (thus, it’s only a G3)
  2. The G3 is a bit more lightweight and lighter on the features
  3. It’s not as ready for heat dissipation as the others. No afterburner grills at the rear and no exhaust holes on the sides either, which means the hotter air probably comes and goes from its butt. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it cools less, if engineered smartly, but it’s probably the case as I don’t think Dell made an extraordinary effort to make such a special machine.

I bet that the G3 is meant for those who want some of the power while having a sleek looking machine. It’s like a simpler and less fancy XPS 15. I guess that should be interesting for many who don’t want to glide in public with a huge grilled laptop. That’s a nice option, but it’s not clear right away from Dell’s descriptions and naming.

The question that remains is what is the difference between the G5 and G7. It could be simply be the lower variant of the two more gaming focused models (G5, G7) with no I9-8950HK option and perhaps less effective cooling system? no Intel Optane support? At this point, not sure.

Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4

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1 year ago

Hello, may I ask can you recommend which one is better…?
DELL G7-87814GHFD-W10-1050Ti or DELL G3-87814GFHD-W10-1050Ti-SSD
both are same but the G3 offer SSD and also cheaper. I’m deciding which one is worth to purchase and im doing modelling 3d maya and also videos editing..

how about their colling, releasing heat and etc compare to this 2 tqvm

2 years ago

DO NOT BUY G5 5587. THEY ARE STILL TESTING IT. I am highly disappointed. Its new hardware comes with buggy drivers and firmware. The wi-fi network started giving me trouble. There were other issues. The fan would start running really loud every time I would open graphics software, like Adobe. I spent the first whole week with the customer service people, their technicians updating all drivers and reinstalling windows 10. Still couldn’t fix the problems. I am stuck with this piece of junk. On top of that, the back light for the keyboard does not stay lit. It is hard… Read more »

Goku's Penis
Goku's Penis
2 years ago
Reply to  Aura

I have seen some pretty good reviews about the dell g5..sure your isn’t the only buggy for the fan noise its pretty much the same for all the G series laptops.though I admit the inspiron ran way quieter but the fan noise is somewhat negligible as most gamers often use headsets or speakers.but I don’t think you should say the laptop is junk because of it’s fan noise.Backlights as far as I know never stay let throughout.

2 years ago
Reply to  Aura

No company just doesn’t give refunds. Unless you have damaged the laptop. Dell is usually crazy good about that kind of stuff.