[EXPIRED] Eluktronics Clevo P650RP6 (15.6″). I7-6700HQ CPU, GTX 1060 6GB, 1080p IPS display, 128GB SSD, 8GB DDR4 RAM, Windows 10 OS | $1100

Clevo p650rp6

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Eluktronics Clevo P650RP6. Available from


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Eluktronics Clevo P650RP6 main specifications
CPU I7-6700HQ 2.6-3.5GHZ, 4Cores/8Threads
GPU Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5
RAM 1x8GB 2133MHZ DDR4 (4 slots available)
Screen 1080p, eDP, non-IPS probably
Keyboard Backlit
Weight 5.5 lbs (~ 2.5 kg)

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Eluktronics Clevo P650RP6 Reviews
  • P650RP6-G Review

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Clevo p650rp6

The new Clevo P650RP6 is Clevos’ most basic high end gaming laptop. It sports a GTX 1060 6GB, I7-6700HQ CPU, 1080p IPS display, many connections ports (2xmDP, HDMI, multiple storage ports) and backlit multicolor keyboard. For $1100 this is quite a bunch.

Beyond the basic specs, the P650RP6 has a very able cooling system which keeps the CPU & GPU within reasonable temps while producing relatively low noise levels. The keyboard is also good and though it’s not perfect, it’s certainly at least as good as the asus GL502 keyboard and Gigabyte P55W keyboard. Speakers are basic and can be described as “ok” at best, but you can probably enjoy music with them. Another quality of the P650RP6 is its relatively smaller frame and lower weight.

As far as power consumption goes, the the Clevo P650RP and P650RS series both have Optimus/NV only dual mode, which means you can switch between the two and squeeze a little more battery time. In Optimus mode, you could do around 3.5-4.0 hours of normal use and around the same viewing an 1080p 30FPS youtube. video.

However, remember that this model is not the “-G” variant, which means it has no GSync support in the built-in display. I think it does not affect external displays, but I’m not sure about that.

When I reviewed this model (here), it was selling for $1200-$1250 and even then I considered it to have a very good value to price ratio compared to the competitors., like the Asus GL502VM and the MSI GE62VR (which doesn’t have GSync either), surpassing them in thermal performance, connection ports selection and maybe even keyboard quality.

So, bottom line, I think this is a very good deal if you don’t care about GSync in the internal display that much. Models with GSync costs as much as $150-$200 more, and I don’t think it’s worth it. Remember that you do have to add another 8GB DDR4 stick to get maximal performance, though.

What you won’t get with it – MXM GPU, desktop CPU, GSync (there are variants with GSync) and Thunderbolt 3


  1. Asus GL502VM – relatively lightweight and small in frame. Not as good cooling system or connection ports selection. However, has GSync and 16GB RAM. Sometimes available for $1200-$1250 on eBay/Amazon
  2. MSI GE62VR – againm relatively lightweight and small in frame, but no GSync. Advantages are not clear to me at all, frankly, but I add it nonetheless. Amazon
  3. Gigabyte P55Wv6 – same
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3 years ago

hey Junky, do you know if this is an mxm laptop?

3 years ago
Reply to  Damian

Hi! It’s not!

3 years ago

Hi Junky!
What is this “Another quality of the P650RP6 is its relatively smaller frame and lower weight.” compared to? The RS?

3 years ago
Reply to  Frank

Hi Frank!

Computer to the competitors in this segment which is the cheap gtx 1060 gaming laptops, including the gt62vr ge62vr, aw15r3

Indeed, also smaller compared to the p650rs, yes

3 years ago
Reply to  Junky

Hmm I hadn’t realised the P650 was competitive in those areas. I like it even more now 😀