GT 940MX GDDR5 (GM108) Benchmarks and Info

GT 940MX GDDR5 (GM108) Specs
ModelGT 940MX GDDR5 (GM108) (Maxwell I)
CoreGM108, 384 cores @ 1.083GHZ - 1.189GHZ
VRAM2GB GDDR5 @ 1.25GHZ (5GHZ eff.), 64-bit.
GFLOPS (w/Boost)913 (FP32)
Memory bandwidth40 GB/s

The GT 940MX GDDR5 GM108 version is a low tier GPU based on the Maxwell I GM108 core, alongside the GT 940MX GDDR5 GM107 version. The GM108 version sports 384 cores, compared to the 512 cores of the GM107 version, but at higher clocks speed. The GPU was in use even after the Pascal series was released, until the MX150 replaced it in practice. Still, the 940MX GPUs family is rebranded as the MX130 GPUs, though it’s basically the same old Maxwell based GPUs.

Performance-wise, the 940M GDDR5 GPU offers adequate performance for 768p low-medium graphics gaming and in some older or less 3D demanding games even at 1080p, like Bioshock Infinite and Fortnite, at medium graphics settings.  Compared to the GM107 variant, there is no clear winner here. Sometimes the higher core count of the GM107 chip has the upper hand, and sometimes the GM108 version with only 384 cores and higher clocks has the upper hand. It’s likely that the 512 cores are sometimes starved by the low memory bandwidth and other factors.

On average, the newer Nvidia MX150 is at least 50% faster and often is twice as fast for gaming, compared to any of the GT 940MX versions – not surprising given the typical GDDR5 memory and much more efficient Pascal architecture.

  • GT 840M
  • GT 940M
  • GT 940MX GDDR5 (GM107)
{"labels":["Metro : Last Light, Highest @768p","Bioshock Infinite, Highest @768p"],"series":[["10.000","23.000"],[null,"25.000"],["15.000","38.000"]],"chart_gpus":[130998,141414,149020,149018,143275]}

At this point, it would be better to look for other GPUs, even for low priced machines. Laptop with the Nvidia MX150 GPU or the AMD 2500U CPU (with Vega 8 based iGPU) will be much preferable.

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