GTX 950M DDR3 Benchmarks and Info

GTX 950M DDR3 Specs
ModelGTX 950M DDR3 (Maxwell I)
CoreGM107, 640 cores @ 0.915GHZ - 1.124GHZ
VRAM2GB/4GB DDR3 @ 0.9GHZ (1.8GHZ eff.), 128-bit.
GFLOPS (w/Boost)1439 (FP32)
Memory bandwidth28.8 GB/s

The Nvidia GTX 950M DDR3 is a 900 series midrange gaming GPU, based on the Nvidia Maxwell (I) architecture and the GM107 core. At its time, the GTX 950M DDR3 can be found in laptops for as low as $500-$550 (discounted) with a typical price of around $600-$800. There is a second version of the GTX 950M with GDDR5 VRAM which delivers considerably higher performance. Both these GPUs are a rebrand of the previous 800 series GPUs – GTX 850M DDR3 and GDDR5, only with an overclocked core.

Gaming performance is adequate medium-high graphics settings @ 1080p. Compared to the Pascal MX150, performance is about the same in heavy 3D games, with some exceptions. So, the GPU is not cost effective as of the release of the Pascal architecture (or later) and MX150 and GTX 1050 GPUs or later low midrange GPUs.

  • GTX 850M DDR3
  • GTX 850M GDDR5
  • GTX 950M GDDR5
{"labels":["Metro : Last Light, Highest @1080p","Battlefield 4 Campaign, Highest @1080p","Crysis 3, Very high @1080p","Bioshock Infinite, Highest @1080p"],"series":[["11.000","19.000","20.000","30.000"],[null,null,null,"42.000"],["14.000","30.000","24.000","39.000"]],"chart_gpus":[130846,149136,146995]}

The DDR3 version, usually comes with 4GB VRAM, is more suitable for general 3D tasks, video/photo editing and such, and less for gaming purposes, since in some games the memory bandwidth will bottleneck, the core won’t be fully utilized and performance will be relatively low.


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