MX130 GDDR5 Benchmarks and Info

MX130 GDDR5 Specs
ModelMX130 GDDR5 (Maxwell I)
CoreGM108, 384 cores @ 1.083GHZ - 1.189GHZ
VRAM2GB GDDR5 @ 1.25GHZ (5GHZ eff.), 64-bit.
GFLOPS (w/Boost)913 (FP32)
Memory bandwidth40 GB/s

The Nvidia MX130 GDDR5 is a low tier GPU, simple rebrand of the GT 940MX GDDR5 GM108 variant, based on the Maxwell I GM108 core. It sports 384 Maxwell cores and a 64-bit memory controller. Since it is almost completely the same as the 940MX GM108, its description fits well.

In short, the Mx130 is based on a quite old architecture compared to 1000 series’ Pascal architecture. As for 2018, it is not power efficient and considerably less powerful for its specs, compared to its Pascal counter parts. The MX150 with 384 cores and a 64-bit memory controller is 50-100% faster for gaming.

It is adequate for 768p low-medium graphics gaming and in some cases 1080p gaming (Bioshock, Fortnite, Team Fortress), but not for the more 3D demanding games, like Rise of the Tomb Raider.

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