MX150 Benchmarks and Info

MX150 Specs
ModelMX150 (Pascal)
CoreGP108, 384 cores @ 1.466GHZ - 1.528GHZ
VRAM2GB/4GB GDDR5 @ 1.5GHZ (6GHZ eff.), 64-bit.
GFLOPS (w/Boost)1174 (FP32)
Memory bandwidth48 GB/s

The Nvidia MX150 is a low tier gaming GPU, based on the Nvidia Pascal architecture and the GP108 core. It is a laptop version of the Nvidia GT 1030 GPU. The MX150 can be found in laptops priced as low as $500 with a typical price of around $500-$600 for low end laptops, but usually can be found in more expensive slim & lightweight laptop like the Lenovo Thinkpad T480s.

Performance-wise, the regular (non Max-Q) MX150 can drive some games with high FPSs even at 1080p (low-medium graphics settings). For example, Fortnite will run at around 70-80FPSs on medium settings@1080p and COD:WWII at around 60-70FPS. Cost effectiveness of MX150 offerings is not high compared to the GTX 1050/Ti offerings that can be found for $600 from time to time, considerably. However, GPUs like the MX150 enable basic-graphics gaming in most games and better performance in photo/video editing software, and provide vast improvements relatively to the Intel iGPUs.

At this point, the performance information is based on the NBC tests.

The MX150 has two versions – the Max-Q and regular. There are several Max-Q versions which differ in clocks and are more TDP limited.

Compared to previous generation of NVidia GPUs, the MX150 are much faster than the GT 940M/MX, easily around twice the gaming performance and between the performance of GTX 950M DDR3 and GTX 950M GDDR5, which is impressive.

The Pascal based GPUs, are about to be replaced with next generation Nvidia GPUs, starting at the end of 2018. I would suggest waiting until then, unless it can be bought for a significantly low price.

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