How to choose a gaming laptop? Quick thumb rules for up to $1000 model

Really, these quick rules are enough almost always

How to choose a gaming laptop

So, people are constantly asking what gaming laptop to choose (or just a laptop). This process is sometimes confused for the purchaser and person who recommends. In this short post, I’ll list some simple points for current gaming laptops.

The person usually portrays the wishes, sometimes simply asking for it all, like fast, long living, lightweight, has no heat problem and can run heavy games. At that point s/he gets the answer that they need to choose the more important aspects and then a list of laptops follows with confused question from the future buyer.

I’ll focus on the $1000 segment of gaming laptops in this post.

Here are some quick thumb rules to choose a gaming laptop under $1000.

  • Ask yourself if you really need the most powerful GPU for the price. If not, perhaps you can maximize other features, like display quality. A GTX 1050 Ti is slower than a GTX 1060, yes, but perhaps enough for everything you wish.
  • Understand what GPUs are available for your price segment. Currently, $1000 laptop have a regular GTX 1060 6GB, tops. Other top common GPUs are the 1060 Max-Q and 1050 Ti.
  • Try to get a quality IPS display. This trait became less common in recent years. Almost all laptops have some sort of an IPS, but usually a low quality one – average or event high response times, low color coverage and sometimes even mediocre brightness/contrast. Some have better IPSs. For example, currently the 144HZ IPS is of high quality and is available in a model or two. This kind of filter will leave you with a small number of choices.
  • Don’t put too much emphasis on the CPU. An Intel I7 won’t add to the gaming performance with a GPU like the GTX 1050 Ti or 1060 almost never. On the contrary, it will produce more heat and will be more TDP limited.
  • Take into account RAM amount and storage. I you get a laptop for 3D gaming purposes with a 8GB RAM and a 5400RPM HDD, you’ll probably want to add for an SSD and another 8GB of RAM.
  • Always check reviews for thermals before buying. Some laptops like the Dell G3 3579 are more prone to heat problems, especially with an I7 and a GTX 1060.
  • AMD GPUs are powerful, but currently more TDP limited for the same performance level, so choose wisely.

So, these are some simple rules. At this point, I would wait for next generation GPUs (heres’ why). For exact models, please check the $1000 gaming laptops post.

Let me know what you think.

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