Lenovo Y40-80 14.0″ gaming laptop, I7-5500U (2.4-3.0), Radeon R9 M275, 1080p display, 500GB SSHD, 8GB DDR3 for $600

Lenovo Y40

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Lenovo Y40-80. Available from


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More Lenovo Y40 variants

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Lenovo Y40-80 main specifications
CPU I7-5500U (2.4GHZ-3.0GHZ), 15W
GPU Radeon M275 (DDR3 probably)
Screen 1080p display, TN panel
Keyboard standard
Weight 4.85 lbs (~2.2 kg)

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Lenovo Y40 Reviews
  • I7, 256GB SSD

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Lenovo Y40

Coupon code: USPY4CUS42

The new Lenovo Y40-80 14.0″ gaming laptop is now available for $600 with 500GB SSHD. The price is not great, but if you are looking for a 14.0″ gaming laptop or simply a gaming laptop under $600, this is a very good option compared to the others.

The two main disadvantages of this model are the (currently) relatively low 3D performance and the display quality.

The 3D performance is probably limited by the M275 DDR3 version, if it’s the same as the previous generation Y40-70 with M275 DDR3 version. Although the M275 is quite fast, it’s bottlenecked by the DDR3 memory in some cases. However, for $600, you won’t find anything faster (though you would for $700-$750).

The display quality is average at best. However, unlike the Y410p display, it can be easily replaced. Build quality is good except the screen cover which is not that firm (the average in laptops). The non-backlit keyboard is good for typing is relatively comfortable.

The speakers are relatively good compared to the average but not great and not too powerful. Battery performance is good with around 5-7 hours of battery under light use. Heat and noise are not a problem – only under full load the upper-left parts of the laptop will get warm but it but palm rests mostly kept under reasonable temperatures.

Finally, for $630, keeping in mind the current options under $650 are not much better, the Y40 can be a good option for some (ask!).

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