Lenovo Y700 AMD flavor soon, with Radeon R9 M380

Lenovo Y700

Lenovo Y700The new Lenovo Y700 will be released with AMD hardware inside, based on the new AMD Carrizo A10 chip and a Radeon R9 M380 with 4GB GDDR5. It is not clear what will be the performance of this machine, but at least on the GPU side, it should be comparable to a Radeon 260 with 768 cores and core@1GHZ, GDDR5@6GHZ (effective). The Radeon 260 numbers are around the same as the GTX 960M numbers, if you take the old benchmarks into account. However, with the much updated drivers, the performance should be better. Also, we could expect higher performance in DX12/Vulkan games, like Ashes of Singularity.

The weak part, however, remains the Carrizo APU. I guess that it will have a higher cTDP than the FX-8800P in the HP 15Z, but still, it will probably be a limitation for gaming performance, at least in DX11/OpenGL scenarios.

We’ll see!

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