New 120HZ IPS panel to consider : the AUO B156HAN04.2, $100

Just a small heads up for laptop display upgraders – the 15.6″ AUO B156HAN04.2 is available for sale for around $100 (eBay, aliexpress). This is a rather new panel from the AUO brand. You can check the full specifications on panelook product page, but the the specifications are:

  • 120HZ refresh rate
  • 85/85/85/85 rated viewing angles
  • 72% NTSC coverage
  • 30-pin eDP connector
  • 1:800 typical contrast, which is good enough
  • Matte surface, anti reflective
  • 300cd/m^2 typical brightness

Currently many popular gaming laptop models use 60HZ low color palette panels, like the Asus FX502VM, Asus FX503VM Lenovo y720, Dell 7567, 7577, Acer Helios 300 and many more, as well as some almost good ultrabooks like the Acer Swift 3. Such a panel won’t only improve color coverage and perhaps contrast and viewing angles, but also has a 120HZ refresh rate which is great for games that will run on > 60FPS on your machine. Consider it!

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2 years ago

I am now a 7577 owner, and dissapointed with my screen quality. I did a quick search/roundup, here are my findings: the N156HHE-GA1 seems the best.

IPS 256K 60HZ 45% NTSC LP156WF6-SPM1(or 2/3)

IPS 16M 120HZ 74% NTSC B156HAN04.2
TN 256K 120HZ 74% NTSC B156HTN05.1(5.2) used in DELL Alienware G-sync panel. Locks brightness problem.
TN 16M 120HZ 94% NTSC N156HHE-GA1 used in MSI GT62. Someone sucessfully swapped in 7577, no problem.
IPS 256K 60HZ 72% NTSC LTN156HL01 used in MSI PE60. someone swappet to this with no problem.,31517,32204