Nvidia GeForce 1040 GPU (mobile) spotted in Poland

Will it be the MX160? MX150X? who cares

spottedThe Nvidia GeForce 1040 GPU for mobile laptops has been spotted inside the Lenovo Ideapad 320s, alongside the new Intel Coffee Lake I5-8250U (Thanks Robert Rem for sharing). The question is what will be the Geforce 1040 performance. It’s little brother, the MX150 (mobile GT 1030) is around the same performance of the previous generation GTX 950M DDR3, still leaving a big gap to close between it and the GTX 1050, which is around 50-100%, depending on the game (and laptop). Compare GTX 1050 vs MX150¬†and look for “Deus Ex : Mankind Divided”, “Ashes Of Singularity” and “Bioshock Infinite” and others and you’ll see big performance gap of around 80-100% (but it could be also due to system limitations, like TDP).

So, the GT 1040 should have a performance of something between these two. Probably like the old GTX 960M more or less. Still, the question remains of product positioning and related systems. The spotted system, the Lenovo Ideapad 320s, comes with the 15W I5-8250U CPU which will be TDP limited and probably won’t deliver the full GT 1040 potential. Current machines, in the USA, cost around $600 for a laptop with an MX150, which makes no sense as you can get the much more powerful GTX 1050 for the same price or a little more (link), so I’m not sure where the GT 1040 can fit in, unless we’ll finally see some interesting sub $600 offerings, like an MX150 laptop for $450-$500 and a GT 1040 equipped laptop for $500-$600.

The beetle image is to demonstrate spotting

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