[DEAD] Refubrished Acer VN7-591G and VN7-791 gaming laptops with GTX 860M, I7, 1080p IPS, 8-16GB RAM, HDD or HDD+SSD for $600-$850 ($100 off)

Acer VN7-591g

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Acer VN7-591G. Available from


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More Acer VN7-591G variants

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Acer VN7-591G main specifications
CPU I7-4710HQ (2.5-3.5GHZ)
GPU GTX 860M Maxwell
Screen 1080p LG IPS
Keyboard Backlit
Weight 5.29 lbs (~2.4 kg)

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Acer VN7-591G Reviews
  • I7, 128GB SSD

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Acer VN7-591g

Status: seems like the VN7-591G is gone, but it comes and goes, just refresh from time to time. Also, The VN7-791G is still there

The VN7-591G and VN7-791G are now available refurbished with $100 off at Acer outlet eBay store. They have several models, with the cheapest VN7-591G (I7, 860M, 1080p IPS, 1TB HDD) selling for $700 ($600 after the discount) and the VN7-791G (860M, I7, 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD) selling for $850 after the discount.

I posted the link to their general $100 off deal as they have several models which might be interesting.

In general, this is a good laptop with some disadvantages. The 1080p IPS display might be too dim for some and it’s also not easy to open the laptop (though not too hard), but for $600 this is a very good deal.

Note that the VN7-571G has only a GT 840M GPU and not a GTX 860M.

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