Dell Inspiron 15 7567 Review

Midrange performance queen, but dammit, that bad screen!

Model NamesDell Inspiron 15 7567, New Dell Inspiron 15 Gaming
PriceBasic version: $800-$900
CPUI5-7300HQ, 2.5-3.5GHZ, 35W Max TDP
MotherboardDELL 0MK77P / Intel HM175 (Skylake PCH-H)
1xPCI, 6xPCI Express x1, 1xPCI Express x16
GPUNVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB (GP107, Rev A1) GDDR5, 768 shadars core@1493-1620MHZ, GDDR5@7GHZ, 128-bit bus
RAMBasic version: 1 x 8GB 2400MHZ DDR4
Test unit: 2 x 8GB 2400MHZ DDR4
2 slots total
StorageHDD : none
SSD: SanDisk X400 M.2 2280 256GB
2.5" SATA bays: 1
M.2: 1xM.2 SATA

LCD PanelIn review: 1080p 15.6", AUO B156HTN [DELL P/N: 28H80]/[AUO38ED], IPS, 30-pin eDP
Weight / Dimensions~2.62kg / 5.76 lbs, PSU 0.4-0.5kg
385 x 274.7 x 25.5 mm
15.15" x 10.82" x 1.00"
(w x d x h)
Keyboardorange-red backlit, 3 levels including off
Connection Portsright side: RJ-45, HDMI 2.0, , USB Type-C, USB 3.0,
Left: Power In, Kensington lock, 1xUSB 3.0, card reader
Rear, Front: None
Camera1080p@30FPS camera
WiFi / EthernetWiFi: Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3165
Ethernet: RealTek Semiconductor RTL8168/8111 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet NIC
Speakers2.0 speakers + subwoofer.
Battery6 cell, 74Wh
Bios / EC version (test unit)01.00.03 /
Extra featuresEmbedded TPM 2.0
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more details

Welcome! The new Dell Inspiron 15 7567 (or “Inspiron 15 7000 gaming”) is Dell’s latest mid-range gaming laptop, priced around $800-$900 currently ($800 with discounts, as of writing these lines). It is an update to the popular Inspiron 7559 gaming laptop (Skylake I5/I7, GTX 960M 4GB) and replaces the chassis/looks and updates the basic hardware inside with a Nvidia GTX 1050 / Ti GPU (4GB), I5/I7 Kaby Lake CPU and DDR4 which is not that important for performance (but requires less power). The 7559 was popular thanks to its relatively low MSRP price of $800 (usually you could find it for less), w/ 256GB SSD or 1TB SSHD, good gaming/operation performance, cooling system and basic IPS display.

The 7567 doesn’t need to do much except update the hardware parts and add some ports, but it doesn’t look like any port were added – Dell probably want to differentiate its product line, maybe because they don’t want to hamper their Alienware 15 basic version sellings (which has a GTX 1050 Ti too). The previous generation 7559 model lacked in some areas, including the keyboard, speakers system, display and connection ports – we’ll see how much has the 7567 is improving on it.

The 7567 model I got for a review is this one with the GTX 1050 Ti, I5-7300HQ CPU and 256GB M.2 SSD. I chose this model mostly for the faster GPU, as I think it will get gain more interest from people, at least for the current price difference between the two models. Also, I think that for almost all games, we won’t see any real improvement from using an I7 CPU, plus, the I5 should be considerably less hot and power hungry. For the current price, the Dell 7567 might have some fierce competition from cheap discounted GTX 1060 3GB laptops like the Asus FX502VM and MSI GP63MVR that sometimes sell for as low as $900-$950.

OK, let’s see how the 7567 “gaming” laptop fairs!

Build quality, Case, design and looks

The Dell Inspiron 7567 has an average chassis build quality. The surface won’t yield easily under pressure, including the keyboard surface. The screen’s outer lid can stand direct pressure (for example, when it’s in your backpack and something heavy is placed on it), but the screen module will twist easily. The screen hinges feel ok, but this design allows for easy twisting of the hinges – doesn’t happen a lot though.

The chassis is all plastic. The inner surfaces are very slick black material.

Overall I’d say it’s the quality level we’ve become to see from many manufacturers, even for higher price. Nothing’s too special.


The 7567 comes in two favors as of now – black and red “Beijing Red”. I took the red one and I like it very much (but it won’t stay mine for much). The 7567 is plasticy both on the outside and the inner keyboard and screen surfaces. The 7567 builds on lots of grills on the front and rear which is relatively nice in the space of the usual laptop design.


Maintenance and inner parts

The maintenance panel is held by one screw, which is quite comfortable. In this version, only the M.2 SATA port is occupied, but you can add a 2.5″ drive.

Dell Inspiron 7567 motherboard

CPU and GPU are soldered and the two of them share two heatpipes. The 7559 had three heatpipes, all shared between the CPU and GPU, but the CPU had two close fin sets (here). Not sure how it will influence the thermal performance.

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Keyboard and touchpad

The keyboard. The Dell Inspiron 7559 had a relatively lousy keyboard, in my opinion (others were more comfortable with it), and I think that the 7567’s keyboard doesn’t delivers much more, if at all. Let’s start with the good things: keys are well spaced and feedback and response are relatively ok. The typing experience is relatively even across all the keys, which is good and not always the case. And, they work.

However, travel depth is quite low, resistance is also very low – it’s not that bad, but for some the typing could be a little annoying, as gentler strokes are required for not resulting in a uncomfortable feeling in the fingertips, especially when they are a bit cold. For some it won’t be that important. Still, the keyboard is not bad, but it’s ok, tops, in my scale. The keys’ surface could be nicer too – too slick and flat for me, but that’s me.

Touchpad. The touchpad is big enough and basic. Surface is smooth and relatively comfortable. Buttons are integrated and under good, which limits the usability a bit, but for work most will use an external mouse anyway.

Sound & Speakers

The 7567 has a 2.1 speakers system. The two satellites are located at the front bottom, facing your body, and the subwoofer is located to the left of the touchpad, on the other side, facing the bottom of the laptop. This a step up from the 2.0 speakers system of the 7559 which lacked in the lows and mids considerably.

The 2.1 system provides acceptable lows and mids, but they need to be equalized (you can use the included sound software) and they still sound a little washed out. The speakers produce a somewhat rich and deep sound, but clarity isn’t great. It’s also partly because of the location of the speakers which makes them sound more muffled and boxy than they are. Listening to them directly results in a much better sound, but it’s not practical if you are actually working on the laptop.

Overall, I’d say that the speakers have received a good upgrade over the previous generation and are enjoyable, but you could probably notice they are not calibrated with some parts considerably louder/quieter than others. You’ll also notice they lack in clarity, but that that’s not that bad. Generally ok.

General subjective performance experience

With a Sandisk X400 SSD, the everyday operation experience is quite good.

GPU-Z and CPU-Z screenshots:

Gaming Performance

Test Methods & Drivers

Latest Nvidia drivers were in use, 378.49.

Games performance

The Division

1920x1080, DirectX 12 vs DirectX 11

Dragon Age: Inquisition

1920x1080, DirectX 11

The Talos Principle

1920x1080, Vulkan vs DirectX 11

Total War : Warhammer

1920x1080, DirectX 12 vs DirectX 11

Total War : Attila

1920x1080, DirectX 11

Rise Of The Tomb Raider

1920x1080, DirectX 12 vs DirectX 11

Gears Of War 4

1920x1080, DirectX 12

Shadow Of Mordor

1920x1080, DirectX 11

Battlefield 1

DirectX 11, AVG

Battlefield 4

1920x1080, DirectX 11

Crysis 3

1920x1080, DirectX 11

The Elders Scrolls V : Skyrim Special Edition

1920x1080, DirectX 11

Titanfall 2

1920x1080, DirectX 11

Ashes of Singularity

1920x1080, DirectX 12 vs DirectX 11

Metro : Last Light

1920x1080, DirectX 11


1920x1080, DirectX 11

Bioshock Infinite

1920x1080, DirectX 11

Thermals, Throttling & Noise handling

Stress tests and throttling behavior

Cool air sucked from the bottom of the machine (hence, it’s important to keep its bottom above the sitting surface) and is thrown from the rear.

Four tests:

1. Idle, power saver mode

2. Gaming : Ashes Of Singularity benchmark. “Crazy” settings, “High performance” power mode. Four consecutive runs.

3. Prime95 torture test. “High performance” power mode.

4. Prime95 + Furmark on 900p test, AAx4. “High performance” power mode.

CPU: stable temps [C]CPU: max temps [C]CPU: stable clocksCPU: average utilizationCPU: max utilizationGPU : stable core temps [C]GPU: utilization
Prime95 + Furmark879069
Ashes Of Singularity687159

Under the highest load, temps can get pass 90C, but then the fans start kicking in faster and temps decrease. That’s also thanks to the I5-7300HQ in use (vs an I7).

Even under Prime95 + Furmark load, the GTX 1050 Ti clocks are maximal. The CPU core clocks are jumping between base clocks (2.5GHZ) and maximal clocks for this situation (3.1-3.3GHZ) – I couldn’t fix it with ThrottleStop.


The 7567 keyboard surface can get pretty warm, though I didn’t feel anything annoying, maybe because the maximal temperatures for each areas are not representative and are usually located on some specific points.

35 54 42
41 50 42
27 26 27


The noise levels of the 7567 are very low under light/normal load and it’s barely audible with fans off most of the time.

Under high load the fans produce high noise, but it’s not pitchy. (soon, more “objective” measurements)

Screen & Screen quality

The big disappointing. The 7567 comes with an 1080p 30-pin eDP TN panel, model AUO B156HTN [DELL P/N: 28H80]. This model is a low end model and it’s quite a surprise that Dell used this panel as its pretty bad. Subjectively, the screen contrast and viewing angles are pretty bad, to a point it is hard to read/write text and colors are different on various points on the screen, even if you look at it directly at 90 degrees.

The Datacolor Spyder5Elite couldn’t even detect the white levels of this screen (resulting in the value of 90) – that’s a Spyder bug with low contrast display. I’ve added reading from the i1display pro tool. All results show contrast values arounf 1:200-250, which is very low. You find blacks in this screen.

ContrastBrightnessBlack levels
238 44 0.185
254 106 0.417
252 148 0.587
243 202 0.832
39 37 52
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Battery Performance

So, battery running times of the Dell 7567 is pretty good. It is partly because of its bigger battery (74Wh) and I5 CPU (instead of I7) and partly because the system seems to be considerably more energy efficient than previous generations – a trend we see in other Kaby Lake laptops (and some Skylake based laptops).

While idling (screen is on, the machine can get as low as 4W in total power consumption!
Normarl work load (including some LibreOffuce docs, a bit youtube, Wifi, keyboard lights on resulted in not much higher power consumption – keep in mind that “normal” work load may vary from person to person and if you’re loading the CPU a lot, you might find yourself draining the battery more quickly.


Competing gaming laptops / Alternatives

  • Currently, not many GTX 1050 Ti laptops are available for such a price:

    • The new HP 15t – with a GTX 1050 (non-Ti), but sells for $700 with an IPS
    • MSI GL62M (Newegg, Amazon, eBay) – has USB Type-C and mDP ports and NVMe M.2 port as well.
    • Acer VX5-591G, some versions have an IPS display
    • Probably more soon, from Lenovo, Asus and others

    Some GTX 1060 3GB equipped laptops are also an options:

    • Mostly the Asus FX502VM (review) that could be found for $900-$1000 (1, 2, 3) from time to time, with around the same lousy display, but much higher gaming performance.
    • Clevo P650HP3


Update: The 7567 now comes with an option to upgrade the display to an IPS display for $50. So, you can get the Dell 7567 with an IPS display for $950 (before tax and shipping, but also before the frequent 10% discount)

So! The 7567 brings a much needed update to the performance level of the midrange gaming laptop section. The GTX 960M performance level has been around for quite some time now (around 2.5 years, at least) and the GTX 1050 Ti slings the $800 performance level around 70-80% higher on average, depending on the game, drivers and CPU. That’s a huge jump in performance.

The 7567 has some good qualities besides gaming performance. The optional red color is great, thermal are on the good side, especially with the Kaby Lake I5 CPU, noise levels are relatively low, speakers got an upgrade compared to the previous generation, battery running times are pretty good too (also thanks to the rather high capacity battery).

And, it has some lesser qualities. The keyboard is still not that great, in my opinion (although not bad), the connection ports selection is quite limited (no mDP, only HDMI 2.0), no USB Type-C, M.2 port is SATA and the biggest problem of all for most people will be the screen quality, in my opinion. The Dell 7567 gone down from its predecessor (which had only a basic IPS display) with its low quality TN panel and it makes this model a very problematic proposition. The screen can be manually replaced, yes, but that’s more money and more hurdle. Update: now can be upgraded with an IPS display for $50.

The MSRP price of the 7567 GTX 1050 Ti model also gone a little up compared to the Dell 7559 (GTX 960M) by around $50-$100, but you should still be able to get it for $800 from time to time with some discounts. For $800 or less, a GTX 1050 Ti 4GB is a very good deal, even with the TN panel ($50 for a good replacement IPS), but the Asus FX502VM and other laptop equipped with GTX 1060 3GB can be sometimes found for $900-$1000 and delivers around 25-35% higher performance.

Bottom line, the 7567 is a pretty nice basic midrange gaming laptop, but you should consider the drawbacks and price. The Kaby Lake + GTX 1050 Ti is a powerful combination for $800, battery running times are pretty good, thermals and noise are handled well and the looks will satisfy probably many people. I’d suggest considering this laptop in case it can be bought for a price of $700-$750 (1050 Ti version), but for $850-$900 it comes pretty close to the GTX 1060 3GB laptops which might have some other advantages like better connection ports selection. With the new IPS display upgrade option, the 7567 becomes a pretty nice option, actually. Still not too much niceties, but with an IPS, that’s a more complete package.

Good basic qualities for the price – gaming performance, good thermals, low noise and battery running times.

Excellent gaming performance for $800 (w/ discounts), with no competitors, rivaling/surpassing GTX 970M
Noise is relatively low. Barely noticeable under normal use and relatively low even under gaming load.
CPU and GPU temperatures are within good limits, even at highest load for a long period and pretty good under gaming load
Battery running times are relatively good, getting to 6-7 hours of youtube 1080p@60FPS video and ~9 hours of normal everyday common use
Mostly unlocked bios
2.1 speakers system that although not great at all, but have some richness in them
GTX 1050 (both versions) come with 4GB VRAM
Comes in red colors too, which is great
SSD/SSHD in all models - not a basic 5400RPM HDD. SSD in this case
Nice grilled looks

Low quality TN panel for this price? Now +$50 for an IPS com’on! no extras – no mDP, NVMe, Thunderbolt 3, USB 3.1 gen 2 or USB Type-C ports. Keyboard is basic. Plus, price may be too close to GTX 1060 3GB equipped laptops.

Keyboard quality is not great, lacking travel depth and resistance (but not too bad either)
Not too lightweight, starting at 2.62kg (before storage, RAM, PSU)
Default 1080p display is quite a bad TN panel! Now can be upgraded to an IPS ($50)
Screen module/hinges could be twisted a bit with pressure (such situations are not too common)
No GSync (not available in other $800 laptops neither)
Connection ports selection is lacking - no mDP, thunderbolt 3, USB 3.1gen2, USB Type-C, and no NVMe port.
Only 3 USB ports
Only 2 memory slots
M.2 port is SATA, not NVMe
Speakers are a serious step up from previous generation, but still lacking in clarity/sharpness.
CPU and GPU are soldered (as in other laptops)

There are several version available for this model:

  • Dell site. You can upgrade the warranty there. Also, sometimes they have discounts. Note that they have GTX 1050 non-Ti GPU versions too
  • eBay
  • Soon – AmazonNewegg
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    3 years ago

    FYI, some models can be configured with an IPS panel. I think the upgrade is ~$50, so you can get an IPS configured one for ~$950. You have to select the model one step up above the $850 base model. For $950, you get an IPS panel, an SSD, and a GTX 1050Ti vs. a GTX 1050 in the base model. It’s a complete no-brainer upgrade. I’m definitely considering this model.

    3 years ago
    Reply to  2600

    1. Thanks! it wasn’t available when I wrote the review!
    2. You’re right, $950, but that’s before US tax, but also before the frequent discounts and rewards points
    3. I’ll update this review and the recommendations, many thanks
    4. Please check the $1000 gaming laptops list and let me know what you think (if you’re willing)

    3 years ago
    Reply to  2600

    OK, I’ve updated the review and the listings, thanks.

    Still, the 7567 currently will be around $950 before tax, with 8GB RAM, while the Acer VX5-591G comes with 16GB RAM, same 256GB SSD and an IPS display, for $900 (tax depends on location)
    If you can wait, I’m pretty sure you’ll catch one of the 10% off discounts on Dell website

    3 years ago

    also do tell me can we stream crack games using geforce experience because iam not getting any games , does geforce experience works with paid games only comment image

    3 years ago
    Reply to  shitttttdety

    please use the same thread
    And I don’t know

    3 years ago
    Reply to  Junky

    ok you never streamed your games

    3 years ago

    oh yeah i just figured it out i didnt install geforce experience comes along with ship with dell 7567 i have 1050 ti
    when i install geforce experience it show my current driver 373.20 and latest update available is 381.65 down ld and install update
    Do you use this procedure to update drivers

    3 years ago
    Reply to  shitttttdety

    usually I go to the latest drivers via this link

    3 years ago
    Reply to  Junky

    comes to conclusion no need to download from just updated to all latest drivers using builtin app geforce experience and updated rig drivers to 381.65
    yes you can also download from above link
    imo better use software it also updates rig drivers and geforce experience latest version as well

    3 years ago

    the laptop drivers shipped with 373.20 how you download 378.49 version from where ?
    this above link , does this driver support 1050 ti M

    3 years ago
    Reply to  shitttttdety

    Your GPU is GTX 1050 or 1050 Ti, no “M”, and yes, it supports it
    Also, these are not the latest, search for the latest!

    3 years ago

    nice review tell me i have latest drivers 373.20 also in DELL drivers latest update and geforce experience how u are having version 378.49 i dont get it !!!