RTX 2060 could be significantly delayed due to hangover

So, the midrange RTX 2060 (and laptops version as well) may be delayed because NVidia wants to wait for the big GTX 1060 stocks to be consumed. The reason they have big stocks of the GTX 1060 is supposedly the Cryptocurrency craze that went on for a period and now NV is stack with the stocks it overproduced and because the GTX 1060 cards are sold for low prices by their cryto owners. They call it the crypto hangover.

The fact the NV wants to delay the Turing based RTX 2060 is not really because of the hangover, but because they want to sell more of the old stuff. The bottom line is that we might see Turing midrange GPUs later than thought before, which was by the end of 2018.


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