Total War: Rome II patch 9 is now available – fixes and SLI/Crossfire support

Total War: Rome II sparta small

Total War: Rome II patch 9

among a lot of fixes, one update is about the SLI / crossfire support – till now you couldn’t get any advantage from having a multi-GPU configuration (like in the Lenovo Y510p GT 750M SLI). Now Rome II will make use of it and performance should be considerably higher.

Other changes include bug fixes and many gameplay paramters and AI improvements

From the patch info:

“Technical and performance improvements:

  • Performance and memory optimisations in Campaign modes.
  • Further work to reduce the CPU costs during battles.
  • Improved framerates when units clash in battles.
  • Siege battle performance optimisations.
  • Eliminated several rare crashes found in battle scenarios.
  • Fix for rare crash related to naval boarding/disembarking
  • Multiplayer battle-replay desync addressed.
  • Issues with trees in battle-maps addressed.
  • Additional cost-balancing to Chariots and Elephants.
  • Units no longer mistake bastions for wall breaches in settlement battles.
  • Further battle map technical and performance improvements.

Support for AMD switchable graphics:

  • Game now correctly detects and reports the discrete GPU on an AMD switchable graphics configuration (primarily laptops with an Intel integrated GPU and a discrete AMD mobility GPU).
  • This fix ensures that the ‘unlimited video memory’ graphics option is enabled correctly on AMD switchable configs.
  • Note that the Catalyst Control Centre Switchable Graphics UI must be used to select between the discrete and integrated GPUs for each application that the player wants to run.

Support for ‘Virtu MVP’ Desktop Switchable Graphics:

  • Virtu MVP is a common OEM-installed application for selecting GPUs in a multi-GPU desktop configuration e.g. a desktop with an Intel integrated GPU and a discrete desktop GPU – both typically routed to the same motherboard display output connector.
  • We now correctly detect and report the correct GPU used in this scenario.
  • Note that the Virtu MVP Control Panel application must be used to select between the discrete and integrated GPUs for each application that the player wants to run.
  • New option in the Advanced Graphics Settings menu, for selecting between graphics cards / GPUs when more than 1 is available.

Support for multi-GPUs with multi-monitor configurations:

  • Game now detects multiple GPUs and allows the player to pick which GPU is used to render the game.
  • In this configuration multiple GPUs are shown in a combo-box in the Advanced Graphics Options UI.
  • Improved video-memory detection to prevent the game from sometimes detecting the video memory limit from the wrong/lower graphics card in a multi-GPU configuration.

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